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I had a great first experience! I ordered for Valentine’s Day on the 12th at midnight. I wanted it delivered to her job on the 14th. The expedited shipping was very expensive but SO WORTH IT. You get what you pay for. I was a little hesitant Bc some of the reviews about shipping said they weren’t prompt. The tracking email went to my junk folder so I thought I never got it. We are located in TN so it was a very far shipment. I emailed them and waited for an hour and no one replied. I was so scared but the heart got to my girlfriends job at 9 am on Valentine’s Day and she loves it!! You can definitely trust this company to be prompt and amazing. Will definitely make this my go to company for surprises. Thank you for being trustworthy and amazing!!!



Came in very fast, great gift. Necklace was a little smaller than I expected but it still looks really nice

Ryan Hill


Ordered this for valentines day, came in very quickly. Now I'm just excited to give it to my wife, I know she's going to love this custom heart, the heart looks just as good as it does in the pictures

Daniel Barreck



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